Clear Sky Addition


Get to know your neighbors again! Clear Sky Addition is a single-family residential development in the city of Bismarck. What makes us different? Nowadays almost all developments have multi-family, apartments, and commercial properties all sharing the same roads. In Clear Sky, we want to create the feeling of a real neighborhood where you know who’s driving down your street and walking down your sidewalks.

Lots For Sale

8A Phase I – Lot 8 – 5318 Hendrickson Dr
1B Phase II – Lot 1 – 5207 Fettig Dr4B Phase II – Lot 4 – 504 Mehrer Dr6C Phase III – Lot 6 – 5521 Smette Bnd
22C Phase III – Lot 22 – 5524 Smette Bnd27C Phase III – Lot 27 – 5611 Smette Bnd30C Phase III – Lot 30 – 5623 Smette Bnd


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